Additional Research Tools for Animal Rights Related Information

Need additional information in addition to what you found in the in-house links? We want to help you. Either contact GEARI for assistance in answering animal rights related questions or try the sites listed below.

The first section provides links to directories. As directories, they are great resources for supplemental information when conducting research, and provide a great way to search for information by category.

The second section provides access to good, general, research tools. They also are great resources for supplemental information when conducting research

Both sections were compiled with three high information standards in mind: timeliness, relevance and authoritativeness.

Animal Rights Directories

Animal Links

“Are you looking for an animal protection or animal rights organization in your area? Are you looking for information to help companion animals, animals raised for food, wild animals? Do you need information about legislation and laws to help animals, or how to contact your legislators? You’ll find it all here — and more — where we believe there is strength in numbers. We want to do our best to put you in touch with the groups, information and resources you need to help animals.”


The Animal Concerns Community is a project of the EnviroLink Network, a non-profit organization which has been providing access to thousands of online environmental and animal rights/welfare resources since 1991. This community serves as a clearinghouse for information on the Internet related to animal rights and welfare.


Z – Net

Animal Rights Resources
Good All Around Resource on Variety of Issues Pertaining to Animal Rights


Farmed Animal Net

“Farmed Animal Net was developed out of a need for current, easily accessible information on farmed animal issues. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with knowledge about the complex issues relating to the billions of animals bred and slaughtered for human consumption. Farmed Animal Net strives to be an objective, trustworthy source of academic and industry information for animal advocates, educators, researchers, the media, legislators, and others.”



An amazing reference source that actually tracks and provides information on criminal “pet” or other animal abuse cases. Search tool is powerful, allowing you to find out what cases are pending or active in the state you live in. Even find out names of animal abusers and their crimes. Also a clearinghouse of information on domestic animal abuse and animal abuse and it’s connection to future serious criminal activity. In addition, information on animal hoarding, bestiality, breeding (puppy and kitten mills) and animal fighting (pit bull fighting (dog fighting) and cock fighting – cock fights).

Animals – The Online Magazine for Animals. Also Known as the World Animal Net Directory. A directory of world animal protection societies.

“The world’s largest database of animal protection societies, with over 15,000 listings and more than 8,000 links to Web Sites. To start a search, select a geographical region in the sidebar for listings by country or enter text in the boxes.”

Herbweb: Animal Rights Resources – As the name implies, a great listing of other Animal Rights related resources by issue.

The Animal Rights FAQ

As the name implies, a great resource for commonly or frequently asked questions regarding animal rights.

National Anti-Vivisection Society(NAVS) Animal Testing Company and Product Look Up Tool

Simply put in the name of a company or the name of a product and very quickly you will see if that company or product is associated with animal testing. A quick and easy-to-use resource.

(Important Note About Using this Tool: Please Read)

The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive

Many of you may know who Tom Regan is. For those who don’t, this is a must stop in your education. A professor of Philosophy, he is the man who established the philosophical case for animal rights via his book – The Case for Animal Rights.

FreedomLinks – Animals

Very large, alphabetically-arranged list of links on a variety of animal rights topics, as well as list of animal rights organizations.

Hidden Crimes: Photographic Exhibition on Vivisection

Want to see what really happens
behind the scenes of a vivisection (animal testing) laboratory? Pictures and videos of animals subjected to vivisection (translates to live cutting).
You owe it to the animals to know the truth.


General Research Tools

Power Reference

Online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia and much more…

Who is… What is…

Try putting in terms such as “Vivisection”, “Animal Testing”, “Animal Rights”, “Vegan”, etc. as well as the names of people associated with animal rights issues – “Alex Pacheco”, “Ingrid Newkirk”, “Tom Regan”, “Peter Singer”, etc. A great resource to use when conducting research.

The Web’s Open Source Encyclopedia.

Try putting in terms such as “Vivisection”, “Animal Testing”, “Animal Rights”, “Vegan”, etc. as well as the names of people associated with animal rights issues – “Alex Pacheco”, “Ingrid Newkirk”, “Tom Regan”, “Peter Singer”, etc. A great resource to use when conducting research.

Comprehensive list of Canadian government departments and officials to contact regarding your boycott due to seal slaughter. Please read and do now. Sea Shepard Conservation Society – Working hard on ending the Canadian seal slaughter