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As one would expect, artists, musicians and those with a cultural focus create works that touch on animal rights. Here are some links to resources on art, music and animal rights.


Animal Rights-Related, Educational Art

From her site:

Loetitia S. Lilot grew up in San Francisco, California. She has lived and traveled in the United States, England, India, Trinidad, Guyana, Mexico, Russia and Greece. She has degrees in Illustration and Art Education. Her art has been published in books and magazines, and has been shown in galleries, museums, and temples around the world.

VEGANICA - Art, Music, News, Blogs


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From their site:

Veganica is an on-line gallery space for artists who are vegetarian or vegan to show their work. We are not limited to visual arts, we also welcome musicians, writers, poets, animators, performance artists, and others.

It has been our experience that most veg*ns (vegetarians and vegans) like to support other people who are veg*n when it comes down to it. For artists, support comes both from getting our work out into the world and also occasionally selling some of it! Veganica is a web site that helps do both. We offer different levels of membership, from a simple splash page with a link to your existing web site to a full gallery with a shopping cart.

Veganica donates approximately 1/3 of our annual fees to vegetarian or animal rights groups which the artists choose. We also advertise in major vegetarian publications and on web sites so that our artists get more exposure than they would if they were on their own. Our goal is to create a network of support and a cool place to discover great art!

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