Cruelty Free Giving: Charities and Animal Testing

Many people are simply unaware that many health charities test on animals. The links below provide more information on this. Please visit them for more information on this issue. We have also listed links to lists that will let you know what charities do or do not test on animals.

Perhaps the best place to start for information on charities and animal testing is via the group, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine at

Within this site you will find a link to The Council on Humane Giving which administers The Humane Charity Seal of Approval.

Also within this site you will find the List of Approved Charities, or those charities that adhere to The Humane Charity Seal of Approval. This provides your safest and most reliable way of researching which charities do and do not test on animals.

In Addition, here is their page dedicated to charities and animal testing

For Alternatives to Research on Animals Here are Two Links:

Research Without Animals –

Alternatives to Animal Tests and Animal Testing –

So What Charities Test on Animals? Or, What Charities Do Not Test on Animals

List of Approved Charities – from – Excellent Resource

Search for Information on Your Charities – Do They or Don’t They Test On Animals – from

Here are Two Other Links to Lists to Help you in Your Research

You will need to get the Adobe reader to view the following lists

Charities that Do Test on Animals

Charities that Do Not Test on Animals