Information on Animal Testing

Animal testing is still very prevalent. No matter what Proctor and Gamble tell you, they still test on animals. But they’re not the only one. Below you will find information on animal testing in general, including the types of tests performed and alternatives to animal tests. You’ll also find the incredible list of companies that test on animals, companies that do not test on animals, charities that test on animals, and charities that do not test on animals. Print these out to take with you when you go shopping, and when you write those checks to the charities of your choice.

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Alternatives to Animal Testing and Animal Tests

Charities and Animal Testing

Charities that Do Not Test on Animals

Charities that Do Test on Animals

Companies that Do Not Test on Animals – PDF file – May load slowly

Companies that Do Test on Animals – PDF file – May load slowly

Draize Test (Eye Irritancy Test)

Introduction to Animal Testing – For Personal Products

Lethal Dose 50 test (LD 50 Test)


Tips For Proper Research Techniques When Researching What Companies or Charities Do And Do Not / Don’t Test On Animals, How To Research / Find Out What Companies Test Or Do Not Test On Animals.