Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Who we Are

Mission Statement

GEARI is a non-profit educational group dedicated to assisting you in your search for animal rights related information as well as raising awareness to the many issues affecting other-than human animal, the environment and human health. We are dedicated to providing you with relevant and timely information. We seek to be your reference source and starting point for animal rights related information and research.

Our mission is simple: to help you access timely, relevant and necessary information on animal rights-related issues. Succinctly, we aim to teach, not preach. We believe strongly in free access to all information regardless of focus, as that truly is the way to personal development. Though we probably cannot answer all questions, we certainly will try. If you know of any additional sites that we have missed, or a topic not discussed, Contact Us. We will do all we can to help.

A Common Concern: Being Labeled as One-Sided.

We feel it important to address this issue. There are likely those who will accuse us of being one-sided. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, we focus primarily on bringing access to pro-animal rights information. Why is this? Well, it’s what we know, and what we’re good at finding. Like any information professional, we stick with what we know in order to efficiently and effectively deliver relevant resources. To do this, we must be focused, as this is the only way to truly deliver good information. If not, we would be scattered and inefficient. Hence, what separates us from truly one-sided agenda-focused groups is our desire to deliver good and non-tainted information. We are not a special interest group, or a lobbying group, and hence have no monetary motive behind our mission. The only motive we have is to educate and assist.