Photos and Videos: Animal Commodities, Animal Control, Animal Research, Animals as Food, Animals in Entertainment, Companion Animals, Incidental Use/Impact, In Vivisection Labs, Slaughterhouses, etc.

Photos or videos are often used to prove verbal or written claims. Plenty of photos and videos exist that document the claims that form the basis of animal rights. These include photos and videos in slaughterhouses, vivisection labs, animal testing labs, zoos, circuses, animal control facilities, farms, etc. In our mission to put forth all available information regarding animal rights, we are attempting to provide animal rights related photos and videos in relation to all issues. This is a work in progress.

In essence, these photos and videos provide undeniable proof of the suffering of animals in a variety of situations. As painful as it is for you to look at these pictures, it doesn’t compare to the pain that they were experiencing. So, in the name of being informed and educated, please see what certain decisions can lead to for others.

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Photos and Videos

This first set of photos contains perhaps the most complete set of photos of animal cruelty in various formats. I have listed the subcategories. The home page for the subcategories is:



Meat Free Media

Meat Free Media

From their site:

Founded in 2002 as little more than an internet repository for videos of animal rights demonstrations, Meat Free Media is now a fledgling non profit, voluntarily run organisation promoting the issues of animal rights through the use of creative and informative media.

As animal rights activists we constantly came face to face with media manipulation and blatent disregard for not only the animal rights movement, but animals themselves. As people with a keen interest or professional background in video work we decided that we could do something to try and turn this around.


Various Sources