6 Sports That Use Guns Without Hurting Animals

Nowadays, guns are considered essential devices to have, especially considering that it is legal to own one once you have a license. There are various types of firearms, but the most common to have are pistols and rifles. These guns come in different types and specifications, so anyone who has or is looking to get one should acquaint themselves properly by checking out pistol and air rifle reviews. Now that we’ve talked about guns, let’s take a look at animal cruelty and the role guns shouldn’t be playing in this regard.

Animal Cruelty

Most people aren’t aware of the possibility of using guns without hurting animals. Animal cruelty is always a recipe for controversial discussions, so it’s essential on our part at Geari to provide information and support campaigns that are aimed at eliminating or reducing animal cruelty to a minimum. Awareness programs like the establishment of clubs, community events, education programs, and photo-shoots to help save abused animals exist. These avenues help inform both people who are pro and anti-animal cruelty.

Effects of Hurting Animals

It is unlawful to shoot animals, particularly pets,  as there are claims for such offenses. That’s why even in areas where hunting is a predominant past time or occupation, there’s a license requirement. Unlicensed hunters could undergo prosecution. This step prevents unusual or unreasonable killings. Shooting endangered species which should otherwise be preserved is equally prohibited.

Helpful Resources

Resources abound for people who aren’t experts at using guns. There are also various guidelines for beginners to use firearms appropriately without causing harm to anyone or anything around them.

Sports for Gun Lovers

No judgment here, but some individuals have a thing for guns and shooting. These people are interested in the gun culture, and contrary to what people have come to believe, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We only frown at it when such people happen to be equally passionate about hurting others or animals. Here are some sports and activities gun lovers can engage in without harming people or animals.

Range Shooting

Here’s one of the most common shooting activities. A range can either be an indoor or an outdoor facility for firearms training or practice. Although a more significant number of them are indoor facilities, some of them cater to the needs of recreational shooters. They organize activities using targets and are fitted with safety measures and usually have safety officers in charge.

Simulated Hunting

Also known as simulated field shooting, it’s a game that’s mostly enjoyed by recreational hunters. It was initially used to help hunters to practice between gaming seasons. It takes place in a natural course like the fields where they’d typically hunt. However, the targets are clay discs instead. This style is one of the most outdoorsy ways of using guns without hurting animals.

Five Stand Shooting

This one also seeks to mimic hunting courses and uses clay targets. There are five stands separated by a uniform distance ‒ usually 1 – 5 meters apart. They have traps that throw targets to be shot at. The set-up is such that there are variations in the way the target approaches, and there’s a standard difficulty. It’s a fast-paced game, and the targets are released at specific time intervals, regardless of when a shot is taken.

Flurry Shooting

This one uses equipment such as the flurry launcher that simulates game shooting by releasing clay targets into the air. It accurately emulates a pigeon thrower, except thankfully, it doesn’t throw pigeons. The targets are usually known as shotgun flurries. The machine can be adjusted for speed and distance to increase the difficulty level of the sport. It’s one of the most fun shooting sports because there could be new distance and speed challenges.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting is both a recreational and competitive activity. It is similar to flurry shooting as targets get flung into the air, but this occurs from two fixed stations at high speed but different angles. There are specific designs for the disc targets, and the weapon used is usually a high degree shotgun, also called a skeet gun.

Trap Shooting

Trap shooting’s similar to skeet shooting, and they belong to the same class of shooting sports. In this one, however, the clay targets are released from a single machine, which is usually far from the shooter. It was partially introduced as training and practice for bird hunters but later adapted as a sport for the preservation of pigeons. The birds were replaced with clay targets, hence the name clay pigeons.