About Us

About The Founder, Mission, And Vision

About Our Founder – Narcisa A. Beltran

Narcisa A. Beltran is an environmentalist and humanitarian with a lot of interest in preserving and conserving it for future generations. She is involved in many outreach campaigns and protests. Her work continues through this website when she’s not out on the streets.

She continues to champion and action policies that affect humans, animals, and the environment. Beltran presents up-to-date, evidence-based, and thoroughly researched information on our platform.

With the information we publish, Geari informs and educates people on matters concerning humans, animals, and the environment. Beltran was inspired to create this platform to create awareness on issues affecting the planet. Ultimately, we save society.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Geari is to create awareness of the issues affecting humans, animals, and the environment. We also present solutions with the greatest impact to overcome the issues.


Our aim is to become a leading organization worldwide, with a focus on handling major issues affecting modern society. We adopt evidence-based channels or solutions for lasting change.