What to Look for in Cruelty-Free Products

Cruelty-free is a label used for activities and products that are not harmful to animals. Cruelty-free products are made to be health-friendly before they’re distributed to the markets. Due to rising health concerns, the cruelty-free cosmetics market in the world was estimated to be worth approximately US$10 billion in 2014. The same market grew at […]

6 Sports That Use Guns Without Hurting Animals

Nowadays, guns are considered essential devices to have, especially considering that it is legal to own one once you have a license. There are various types of firearms, but the most common to have are pistols and rifles. These guns come in different types and specifications, so anyone who has or is looking to get […]

Cruelty-Free Living: Guideline Every Beginner Should Follow

The need to protect the environment and animals has continued to grow over the years. Before the strong campaign for the preservation of our environment, people have always disregarded precautions in handling the ecosystem. Cruelty-free living encourages the lifestyle that preserves the environment and animals. It goes beyond just the food you eat but includes […]

Plant Diet or Animal Diet: Which One Helps Save the Environment?

The environment is like a small baby; you nurture it you reap its benefits. You neglect it; you have long-term consequences. Human activities are the primary cause of the destruction of the environment.  In your diet choice, ask yourself whether you are saving the environment or destroying it. The plant or animal diet you put […]

DIY Animal Cage Using the Multi-Process and TIG Welders.

An animal cage can be simply made at home without the assistance of anyone except you. This can be achieved by using the multi-process machine that has a tungsten inert gas welder to bind the metals used together. The end product will be a strong welded piece of an animal cage that can house pets […]

Awareness PhotoShoot That Help Save Abused Animals

Environmental conservationists are passionate about animals. It is animal abuse that has led to the extinction of some of the animal species. Some of the animals are a victim of poaching due to their health and financial benefits of specific parts of their body. Moreover, there are religious beliefs which also contribute to animal abuse. […]

Ionizer and Well Water Softener: How it affects Our Environment

When you change the hard water to soft water then you are trying to purify the environment. Ionization simply means breaking down of molecules to atoms which can easily mix with other atoms to form compounds. The environment in itself is polluted and purification comes in handy to return it to its original position. There […]

Reasons Why Every Household Should Have A Water Heater

The water heater is a very important home product that every household should have for several reasons. It can make produce warm or hot water for people in the house and even their pets. We will talk about what a highly efficient water heater can do for you so you can truly understand what this […]

How to Buy Cruelty Free: What to Look For: Where to Go to Find Cruelty Free Products

How to Buy Cruelty Free The main lesson when buying cosmetics and personal care products – look for this logo! What is cruelty free? As the name implies, it is shopping with the intention of only buying from companies that adhere to certain standards. These standards equal products manufactured with the intention of using ingredients […]