Digital Activism: Saving Nature and Wildlife through the World Wide Web

People saving animal from the heat. Man giving water to the monkey

The world is constantly changing and with it evolves the way in which we’re interacting with one another—especially when it comes to making a difference. Digital activism, or using the power of social media for the purpose of raising awareness, has emerged as an incredibly effective way to save nature and wildlife; accordingly, this post […]

The Enmeshed Lives of Humans and Animals

The enmeshed lives of humans and animals The lives of humans and animals have always been intertwined. From the domestication of animals thousands of years ago to the emergence of zoos and animal sanctuaries in the modern era, the relationship between human and animal has been one of mutual dependence. In recent years, however, this […]

How We Can Survive the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the biggest threat our planet has ever faced. Scientists are warning that we have just a few years to take drastic action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid catastrophic temperature rises. The good news is that we have the technology and know-how to effectively address the climate crisis. However, it […]

3 Sustainable Ways To Use Plastic

Plastic is a big problem for the environment. But it doesn’t have to be. Did you know that plastic can actually help save our planet? We’ve put together three ways in which we can use this material without harming the environment, and they’re all pretty simple! Here are 3 sustainable ways to use plastic… 1) […]

What to Look for in Cruelty-Free Products

Cruelty-free is a label used for activities and products that are not harmful to animals. Cruelty-free products are made to be health-friendly before they’re distributed to the markets. Due to rising health concerns, the cruelty-free cosmetics market in the world was estimated to be worth approximately US$10 billion in 2014. The same market grew at […]

6 Sports That Use Guns Without Hurting Animals

Nowadays, guns are considered essential devices to have, especially considering that it is legal to own one once you have a license. There are various types of firearms, but the most common to have are pistols and rifles. These guns come in different types and specifications, so anyone who has or is looking to get […]

Cruelty-Free Living: Guideline Every Beginner Should Follow

The need to protect the environment and animals has continued to grow over the years. Before the strong campaign for the preservation of our environment, people have always disregarded precautions in handling the ecosystem. Cruelty-free living encourages the lifestyle that preserves the environment and animals. It goes beyond just the food you eat but includes […]

Plant Diet or Animal Diet: Which One Helps Save the Environment?

The environment is like a small baby; you nurture it you reap its benefits. You neglect it; you have long-term consequences. Human activities are the primary cause of the destruction of the environment.  In your diet choice, ask yourself whether you are saving the environment or destroying it. The plant or animal diet you put […]

DIY Animal Cage Using the Multi-Process and TIG Welders.

An animal cage can be simply made at home without the assistance of anyone except you. This can be achieved by using the multi-process machine that has a tungsten inert gas welder to bind the metals used together. The end product will be a strong welded piece of an animal cage that can house pets […]