Digital Activism: Saving Nature and Wildlife through the World Wide Web

People saving animal from the heat. Man giving water to the monkey

The world is constantly changing and with it evolves the way in which we’re interacting with one another—especially when it comes to making a difference. Digital activism, or using the power of social media for the purpose of raising awareness, has emerged as an incredibly effective way to save nature and wildlife; accordingly, this post […]

The Enmeshed Lives of Humans and Animals

The enmeshed lives of humans and animals The lives of humans and animals have always been intertwined. From the domestication of animals thousands of years ago to the emergence of zoos and animal sanctuaries in the modern era, the relationship between human and animal has been one of mutual dependence. In recent years, however, this […]

How We Can Survive the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the biggest threat our planet has ever faced. Scientists are warning that we have just a few years to take drastic action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid catastrophic temperature rises. The good news is that we have the technology and know-how to effectively address the climate crisis. However, it […]

Awareness PhotoShoot That Help Save Abused Animals

Environmental conservationists are passionate about animals. It is animal abuse that has led to the extinction of some of the animal species. Some of the animals are a victim of poaching due to their health and financial benefits of specific parts of their body. Moreover, there are religious beliefs which also contribute to animal abuse. […]

Ionizer and Well Water Softener: How it affects Our Environment

When you change the hard water to soft water then you are trying to purify the environment. Ionization simply means breaking down of molecules to atoms which can easily mix with other atoms to form compounds. The environment in itself is polluted and purification comes in handy to return it to its original position. There […]