DIY Animal Cage Using the Multi-Process and TIG Welders.

An animal cage can be simply made at home without the assistance of anyone except you. This can be achieved by using the multi-process machine that has a tungsten inert gas welder to bind the metals used together. The end product will be a strong welded piece of an animal cage that can house pets which include, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

A multi-process welder is capable of doing more than one process, for example, Tungsten inert gas, stick and plasma cut. The TIG welder is the best choice in building an animal cage since its portable, doesn’t require complex expertise to operate and offers excellent arc performance. It can be easily used in a home set up to bind small metals that are broken. It saves on money and time since you can run different operations within the same machine, with the same power source.

How does a TIG welder work?

It uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode that directs the current to the welding arc, which eventually produces’ the weld. Both the weld area and the electrode are protected from oxidation (it causes rusting), by the use of inert shielding gas (argon, helium). It is mostly used to weld thin sections of nonferrous metals, for example, copper, aluminum and magnesium alloys. Tungsten inert gas machines use a foot pedal amperage control, to preset the amps needed to weld the material in the machine.

 The foot allows you to slowly start the heat, once the weld is complete, you can gradually decrease the heat using the foot. The advantage of using the foot pedal is it gives you much more control over the amperage and its durable. It also has a soft start and soft stop that prevents the high temperatures generated during the process from shocking the metal.

Safety is needed during its operation because sparks are produced, some of the protective gear required are, long-sleeved aprons, heavy-duty gloves, and helmets.

A multi-process machine that has a TIG welder is highly recommended while making an animal cage yourself, because of its portability, easy to use manual and affordability. it will be an experience worth trying out. See:

There is no need for spending a lot of money to get an animal cage when you have all the tools within your compound to make one. All you need is to be creative. There are many articles online that you can use to give you a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to make sure you have one.

 A TIG welder is a multipurpose tool that comes in handy to make sure that you have all the smooth metalwork. It has attained all safety standards such that as long as you use it correctly and you have the right protective gear then you are good to go. It is safe and secure. 

Why do you struggle by giving your animals an inhabitable structure when you have all it takes to make them comfortable using the minimal resources in the form of better housing?