Raising Awarenes And Giving Knowledge On Issues Affecting HumanAnimalsEnvironment

The world is interconnected, meaning humans, animals and the environment face similar problems. Geari understands this interconnection and strives to create awareness about issues that affect the three interconnected phenomenon.

The “One Health” approach is increasingly becoming popular as more people focus on the interconnectedness of humans, animals, and the environment.

This indicates the role and essence of the three phenomenon to the planet. They’re key to protecting Mother Earth. The linkage among the three elements makes it easy to understand the problems our society is experiencing today. But, looking at each phenomenon individually causes a-disconnect. The Covid-19 pandemic also revealed the relationship and essence of the interconnection.

Many solutions can help solve the multiple challenges common across the environment, animals and humans. The solutions are easy to implement with the bigger picture known. This knowledge reveals the interconnection between the problems and existing solutions.

We create awareness about the interconnection among humans, animals, and the environment. We inform the public on the problems these three crucial aspects of society face, and present solutions with the biggest impact.

Apart from touching on societal issues, we also advocate for change. Geari works with other organizations and key stakeholders with similar interests. Our aim is to make the world a better place for all of us, including animals. With environmental protection, humans and animals have lots to gain.

Issues Affecting Humans, Animals, and the Environment

We advocate for and create awareness on a wide array of issues affecting humans, the environment and animals in the natural habitat. They include:


Pollution affects the environment, and its effects eventually have a toll on both humans and animals. It causes deforestation and pollutes the air in the environment. It can also lead to reduced rainfall and widespread desertification, atop depleting the ozone layer.

The quality of our environment has a direct impact on our well-being. A pollution-free environment is safer, more pleasant to live in, and healthier. We must work hard to reduce and eliminate all forms of pollution for enhanced quality of life.

We educate our readers on pollution, how it occurs and how it affects the environment and world at large. We advocate for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment.

Animal cruelty

Thousands of animals face cruelty each year. We advocate for better treatment of pets, farm animals, and wildlife. We aim to end all forms of cruelty towards animals. Animals can thrive and take part in the natural order of things without cruel treatment.

We also champion for the conservation and management of wildlife in its natural habitat. We create awareness on the effects of animal cruelty and how to solve this problem. We also inform the public on the need to love and care for animals.

 Poverty and inequality

Poverty and inequality

Poverty and inequality are closely interlinked. People living in poverty are likely to be banished to poor health, low-income work, poor housing, and unemployment. A big gap exists between the rich and the poor worldwide, hence the need to address and solve related societal issues.

Food and water security

Food and water security

Food security gives people access to enough, safe and nutritious foods that meet their health requirements. This happens in ways the planet can sustain into the future. The world today face various food security problems due to lack of food or the way it’s consumed. Hunger, malnutrition, and under-nutrition are problems that often ensue due to poor food security. The affected persons don’t get enough food, but those with more than enough usually deal with obesity and overweight issues. Water is also a critical resource in the production of food and the survival of humans and animals. We need to conserve water and ensure food security for all.

Climate change

Climate change

More and more people worldwide can feel the impact of climate change in the things they do, including their local communities. We cannot continue to ignore the effects of climate change. Lots must be done to stop climate change and reverse its effect on the environment.

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