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GEARI is a non-profit, educational group dedicated to assisting you in your search for animal rights related information as well as to raising awareness to the many issues affecting other-than human animals, the environment and human health. We are dedicated to providing you with relevant, timely, and authoritative animal rights related information. We seek to be your reference source and starting point for animal rights related information and research.

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Information We Cover

  • Animal Rights Books
  • Animal Rights Directories
  • Animal Rights Information Resources
  • Animal Rights Organizations
  • Animal Rights Web Sites – By Issue
  • Animal Testing
  • Companies and Charities that Do and Do Not Test on Animals
  • Companion Animals (Pets) and Animal Rights
  • Cruelty Free Companies
  • Entertainment Issues – Zoos, Circuses, Traveling Animal Acts, etc.
  • Environmental Issues and Animal Rights
  • Food Issues and Animal Rights
  • Health Issues and Animal Rights
  • Information for Individual or School Research Projects
  • Photos and Videos – In Vivisection Labs, Slaughterhouses, etc.

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